Sunday, October 3, 2010



Humble and greedy
Sensitive and pervert
Sexy and psychotic
That is you and not me))
Passionate and possessive
Sincere and insecure
Pandora and neurotic
(That is me and not you)
A story that started before we met
Ended before we part
Even before it began it is over
Over… over … over
Sex, drugs, alcohol
Always a step away from addiction and abduction
With no encounter, there was a string
That thin red line between day and night
You and me
What you might and I might not be
A game, a struggle, an aah
Aggression resentment and departure
Aggression …
Sweet sweet aggression…
Love, aggression
Hate, aggression
Craving, longing, needing wining
No… aggression…
Smashing and crushing
Bonding and biding
Barking and howling
Mellow, hard,
Up and down he goes
On the back he lays
Tender aggression
By him on him to him
And me
Whispers, silent screams, I … fall
Down, down , down

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