Thursday, September 30, 2010


One silver charming night
It came along creeping inside out
It, he , she … came along creeping
With an antique brownish book on the shelf
It came along creeping
With a copper medallion on her breast
It comes creeping
With the glamour of her being the other woman
It will come creeping
With the disgrace of him being the other man
It creeps.

There is a shadow behind the show
There is a show behind the star
And there is a star behind the woman
But the star has it creeping inside
She saunters with a stuttering echo
Saunters rosing her entrance
But still it creeps
Inside, outside and all in between
She is so seductive it shows she s not real
The creeping absorbs her till she is not her
She is not
Is no

When he enters that gloomy heart of his
He tries to un-write their story with
Tainted reded pain
He unleashes her forbidden existence
But it creeps
Every single atomic being creeps
He know how she scented his soul
While painting his body
Still it haunts him creeping

They walk an un-padded ground of ambivalence
They creep over each other's lives
Leaving a scare on each witness of their love
They creep head over heals
They kiss, love and denounce the world creeping
In a dark alley of a dark beauty they fall
Apart, sending a hello so instant it’s a goodbye
He kills her creeping with a blatted knife
Caressing her dead body with a creeping kiss
He unsealed her life and creeps away
Creeps into his own nihility

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