Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dearest Goddess of the Earth

Dearest Goddess of the Earth
Sorry my little girl for not being around as I should…
Sorry sweets for forgetting about your needs
Sorry honey for not holding you in my arms
Sorry …please forgive me, I really need you
I need to feel alive again,
My youth is turning against me
Where shall we meet for reunion and nostalgia?
I have been very nostalgic about u for a while now
Remembering how u used to hold the world in your hands
And pamper its mysteries as if they were your own
You were very adventurous even in your own little mind
I can see how much I need you to get back there to the streams,
The well of my existence,
The shelter of my spirit
And the beautiful anguish of my soul
I know I regain you from time to time
Sometimes taming my wilderness into womanhood
Others leaving me to lean forward to the dangerous spasm of my youth
Now and then betraying you into stagnancy and stiffness of my fears
You treat me so well dear…you set me free only to come back to you
I spin round and round like a threat on a needle in hay but then and again
I feel your beauty creasing my every cell of joy and pain,
You are such a goddess in disguise you bring me down and lift me up again
You fool me into the danger of being me but I love you for that,
I love you, I love you and I love you more,
I thought I can lose myself to the world but I open my eyes only to lose it to you
You are my every fear and my dream and the deepest secrets of my desire
Thank you so sweetheart for loving me that much,
Setting me free only to regain me in the end,
Thank you sweetheart for cherishing me in your womb,
It might be just words but I give in to you so easily I m scared,
Protect me mama from myself,
Dearest goddess of earth.


  1. Thanks for sharing this poem. I really like the first lines. I hope you keep posting. Best of luck.


  2. Thanks Eddie,

    I really appreciate it