Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Common Untouchable

I could have sworn the cold was an imaginary shiver fought with swards of wisdom
I could have been affirming the weather was just fine with bits of solid wind and pieces of high stoved flying sand
I could have made believe I found all the lost children's dreams and kept them buckled up in a bundle round your neck
I could have promised nothing else cried but sky of envious beloved
But I know nothing of the above; never was my back up plan, never were possible
I was the buckled up, the silenced shiver clutching into my own gut with stifled thread of doubt 
I was envious and bitter, angry and lost…
I wish my lines would be defined, my knowledge kind and forgiving
I beg my redundancy restored to insanity; a quest for the years to hold some mercy
Waved in a musical of mysterious grill, I would bargain my womb for a script left unfinished, with a feather to write a destination un-meddled with by unpaved mirage 
If I knew how, I would break down to pieces, if I remember how to fidget I would
If I had a wall, I would corner myself within; if I was reminded I would be scared of monsters
If I was forgotten I would be found, If I was just minutes back on a treadmill I would make a turn , I would curl in and seek my insides
If I had a blackmailing manuscript, I would make a deal with the gods and the devils
Bring you back and send them all
To the limbo
That I was not shaken I would not be that balanced and stressless,
That I was not scared I would give in to the condolences
I was not hurt I would accept the niceness of what is left    

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